Finally, We open our showroom!

On November 1st, 2011,
We awo-gumi's showroom [ place by awo ] opened!!

You can see and buy some original items we designed.

There is a pub space to drink and eat domestic foods
(English menu available).

When you visit Matsumoto-city,
Please come and get domestic information here.

open at Thu to Sun.

If you want to know about the place, please see this page


our showroom

As a design company,
We awo-gumi would like to have a space to show our works.
(from this Oct, maybe).
Although our main job is graphic,
at this chance, we are trying to design some original products
from graphical approach.

Cutting boads(not finished yet),
Charm for original bag and some accessories,
and cookies(at cafe space) .
We'll sell these at showroom.

Not only original,
we'll introduce some selected items from all over the world.
To find such, I'm planning to fly to Estonia and Finland soon.
Why Estonia and Finland?  ...Because these are countries of Knitting!
We started a design project of knitting.

I'll wright about the project later.


flea market for donation

It's just 3 month since the huge earthquake.....Time flies.
Northeastern area is still in big damage,
but can find a ray of hope before us little by little.

Under that situation,
We awo-gumi have started a life in Matsumoto-city.
And held flea markets at our office,
to send the proceeds as donation
for the people in the afflicted area, until end of May.

The total proceeds were not so much this time,
but we continue doing something to support. (ÄwÖ)


Dear friends in all over the world

As you may already have known by newspapers or televisions,
Japan was hit by the largest earthquake
ever recorded on March 11th.

The huge quake and devastating tsunami has
left the overwhelming damage to the country.
To make matters worse,
a few nuclear plants appeared to be spinning out of control.

We are still facing this terrifying conditions.

At Matsumoto-city, where awo-gumi  is located has
fortunately no damage.
All I have to do is regain my presence of mind
and do what we can really do for the people in the afflicted area.

We truly appreciate your support
for the relief and recovery of my country.
And heartily appreciate your kind offer of donation.

Please contact your national Red Cross/Crescent society,
which may have already launched
fundraising campaign within your country.


In the beginning :

This blog will be about days of awo-gumi.
Recent works, projects etc...
And will update once or twice in a month.